Welcome To The AMSDTI Design & Milling Center

The Exclusive and Certified Dental Design and Milling Center of the AmericaSmiles Network offers high quality and affordable zirconia copings and full-contour zirconia crowns, e.max and custom titanium abutments and bars. As a membership-based milling center, we are held to a high standard for quality, reliability and service. In addition, since the entire AmericaSmiles family exists to support dental labs and help improve their business, providing a competitive price is a must. Two Day Shipping is included with all cases.

Special Opportunities

When you distribute the CS3500 Intraoral Scanner to your dentists, you lock in their business and increase the profitability of your lab. Find out about our innovative program for this latest technology.

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Increase your profits... Get 30%-40% margins distributing AMS Superhydro Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Materials to your clients.

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