The AMSDTI Design & Milling Center Process

  • AMSDTI can receive your designed .stl files directly from our website at
  • The secure web-based network infrastructure immediately posts your files to our database
    and informs our technician that there are files ready for processing
  • If you Send models to our Scan & Design Center, the are received, scanned and designed same day.
  • All AMSDTI Design Technicians have 20+ years of design experience and utilize 3Shape
    or Exocad design software.
  • After design, all files are uploaded to our secure and proprietary database system just like the .stl files
    sent by our customers.
  • Files are then pulled into our camming software by our milling technicians.
  • Cases are sorted by size, color, and material type (e.max, HT Zirconia, Anterior Zirconia).
  • Our milling technicians carefully select spots for anchoring the prosthetic and set in a run.
  • After milling, teeth are inspected, anchors are grinded off and prepared for coloring.
  • After coloring, all cases are sintered overnight.
  • After sintering, we examine each case, complete any final finishing required and prepare for shipping.