File Settings

EXOCAD Preferred Settings
Item Setting
Horizontal Shaft Gap 0.15mm
Vertical Shaft Gap 0.15mm
Ditch Width 0.67mm
Ditch Depth Avg 0.50mm
Pin Height 1.80mm
Prep Margin Extrusion 0.23mm
Seating Width 0.72mm
Groove Width 1.74mm
Groove Depth 0.95mm
Wall Thickness 2.50mm
Minimum thickness .47mm
Contacts .000mm


EXOCAD Cement Settings
Gap Setting
Out Of Occlusion .32mm
Cement Gap .095mm
Additional Spacing Axial .03mm
Additional Spacing Radial .03mm
Border Setting
Horizontal .1mm
Angled .1mm
Angle 60°
Vertical 0mm
Below Margin 0mm


Dental Wings Preferred Settings
Item Setting
Die Spacer Open
Cement Gap 0.02mm
Xtra Vertical Gap 0.08mm
Xtra Horizontal Gap 0.03mm
Marginal Thickness 0.15mm
Collar Line Position 0.08mm
Emergence Offset 0.1mm
Emergence Angle 65°
Minimum Thickness 0.5mm
Smooth 0.5mm
Control Angle Check Normal
3Shape Preferred Settings
Item Setting
Cement Gap 0.040mm
Extra Cement 0.080mm
Distance to Margin 0.8mm
Smooth Distance 0.2mm
Drill Radius 0.35mm
Drill Compensation Offset 0.65mm
Wall Thickness 0.47mm
Wall Height 1.0mm
Margin Line Offset 0.1mm
Offset Angle #1 55°
Extension Offset 0.1mm