AMS Dental Technologies, Inc. (AMSDTI) was launched in 2010 to be the Exclusive and Certified Dental Design and Milling Centers of the AmericaSmiles Network, a national network of dental labs joined together by their desire to provide high quality, digital dentistry solutions to their customers. AMSDTI offers high quality AND affordable zirconia copings, full-contour zirconia crowns, e.max, custom titanium abutments and bars. As a membership-sponsored milling center, we are held to a high standard for quality, reliability and service. In addition, since the entire AmericaSmiles family exists to support dental labs and help improve their business, providing a competitive price is a must. Two-Day shipping is included with every case.
AMSDTI is also an associate member of the American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association and participated in the ACDLACertified program.  This program offers ACDLA members and a way to easily supply their dentists with certified information about the materials utilized to supply permanent Restorations and a Restoration warranty program backed by the AmericaSmiles Network. 
As a benefit to AmericaSmiles Network members, AMSDTI participates in the AmericaSmiles Star Rewards program, offering one reward point for every crown, coping or abutment milled for our customers. Star Reward points can be used by AmericaSmiles Network members toward marketing services, dental supplies, and even membership dues.